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Can I just Say, Oh MY God! Trump are you Kidding Me?

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I truly really, never thought a Barbarian-Demon,  an absolute asshole! could win the Repuplican party.   CNN; "Even after Trump had solidified his position as the party's clear front-runner, prominent Republicans openly revolted against the billionaire, vowing to never endorse his candidacy. Top Republicans have said they will sit out of the Republican convention if Trump is the party's nominee, and some major GOP donors are expected to keep their wallets shut if Trump is at the top of the party's ticket. "
Vox News says, "

After Donald Trump secured the Republican nomination on Tuesday night, the BBC rounded up the reactions from the global press to Trump's victory. Aside from some gloating in authoritarian Russia and China, the reaction was pretty shocked.

"The craziest US presidential election campaign begins," Germany's Die Welt daily wrote. "The unthinkable has come to pass."

You've seen similar coverage from the foreign press throughout Trump's rise, the tone of which has been a mixture of panic, terror, and gallows humor.

France's Channel 2 once aired a debate titled, "That Donald Trump could become president of the United States: should we laugh or cry?" In January, the leading German magazine Der Spiegel published an issue titled, "Madness: American Agitator Donald Trump.""

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