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Santa Barbara Art & Soul Work: Living in the Becoming of the Thing Dream

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I am with two people. One is an older lady the other is a shorter man who reminds me of Lance in the Detectorists. I am listening to Lance. He is leaning back against a doorway, with his hand behind his back discussing spirituality with the older woman. Their question seemed to be, "How does one make a start"

I hesitated, but sat at the table across from the woman. There were bits and bobs on the table. I said, "One way is to live in the Becoming." They asked what that meant.

I replied by taking a small ceramic holder of bits & bobs, saying, "Take this and start a relationship with it. Every day live in it's becoming. Have a conversation with it. Over time, this object might tell you where your father left you a legacy." as I put the object down back on the table.

We we discussing this idea when I was looking at more objects on a bookshelf and suddenly I "SAW" my father's face. I told my sister... and came back into my body this fine morning, greeting the day with Hello God!


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