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An Artist's Life: Warm Weather Santa Barbara Daze Swimming as a Life Saving Spiritual Practice

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After four days of June-Gloom in May, the sun came out today in time for my morning swim. It's so much nicer swimming in the warm salty water, than chilled water that the sun hasn't kissed in days. Especially early in the morning,  in a breeze.

In the pool I don't think. Sometimes, I pray, but mostly swimming is a form of prayer, isn't it?  There are Walking Prayers, and a long one is called a Camino, a pilgrimage, right? Well, lets add Swimming as Prayer to list. I always feel somewhat redeemed after swimming. I can gird my loins and take another crack at life.

There is a hill at the end of the lap pool that is rounded softly and rises up in a dome. Fushia bougainvillea, here and there, green plants and rarely a white Crane silently does the Egyptian Crane dance. Arcing over are the white puffy clouds with little sparrows wheeling after a Kestrel Hawk. Sometimes they pinch his backside and I imagine tail feathers gently u-ing to earth.

There is tennis of course. But I am a swimmer. Sometimes during summer, when we eat lunch under the Tall Umbrella's watching the tanned & sweaty tennis games, I feel like Betty (from ARCHIE COMICS) being allowed into Veronica's swanky club. No Kidding.

A gal said to me the other day while we were changing that she had never been to summer camp, as shown in so many movies on the East coast...(southern california is sort of a summer camp. Mostly.) She said she always felt that when she came to the club it was like CAmp Wannamuka... I liked her right there and then.

and Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club feels very much like a summer camp with it's outdoor sports arena, all the classes you might want and every water sport for healing and soothing the soul; two outdoor jacquizzis, two pools, steam and saunas. Men & Women's separate. Ohhh.

Sometimes I walk in so filled with the minutiae of daily work, that I....

plural noun: minutia
  1. the small, precise, or trivial details of something.
    "the minutiae of everyday life"
    details, niceties, finer points, particulars, trivia, trivialities
    "the captain cannot be concerned with the minutiae of shipboard life"
    look something like this (artist unknown), that's a soul image really. All the millions of things, people, minutia of life in my revolving mind. But after thirty minutes or an hour swim, my body & soul are filled with peace. Interestingly, my friend says they are tired after a swim. I say, "What you call tired, I call Peace." Thank you  Cathedral Oaks Camp Wimmamuka.
    I think all we need now is some arts & crafts...under the umbrellas at the end of the two pools...
    Mae West said, "When in Doubt, Take a Bath." I say, "Just go Swimming."

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