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Dreams are Coming

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dreams are coming, dreams are coming, come dreams, come dreams
this has been a time of transition for me, and turning away from an outworn life, I have turned towards what is becoming. Dreams are becoming, I can feel them now, reaching for me. I am here. I am waiting. I am ready.

again the cycles of medicine dreaming begins. day and night consciousness, wake up in life, wake up in sleep, practice the ancient ways of continuity of consciousness.
Last night I watched a tremendous movie called, "Embrace of the Serpent."

and it is one of the most cinematic, extraordinary journeys. The shaman is called, Mover of the World, and as you can see by the photo, the gravitas and power of this performance is really indescribable. It is rare for a film to capture the mystery of an inner process, through outward rigor, and this delivers.

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