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The time between falling asleep and waking up is the "Sacred Treasure" time. If one can train themselves to be aware during this time of the threshold of our bodies, we can strive to grasp what arises. As Dreamers know, they either get a Dream Screen with a picture or hear a word or sentence. This morning, on entering my body, I heard, "Writing is Perception." This doesn't surprise me as I have been writing regularly the few months.

According to Websters Dictionary Perception is

1. awareness, observation, seeing

2 a mental image: concept

And we all know perception is fluid. We can agree on math-mostly-but after that everything is up for grabs. So what is the gift of the dream sentence?

I've been thinking about it. We have perception

ORIGIN late Middle English: from Latin perceptio(n-), from the verb percipere ‘seize, understand’ (see perceive) .

from Wiki's review of Philosophy of Freedom by Rudolf Steiner, "Steiner seeks to demonstrate that we can achieve a true picture of reality only by uniting perception, which reflects only the outer appearance of the world, and conception, which together give us access to the world's inner nature."

Writing is Perception would mean that writing is the act of perceiving, viewing, observing. That the Creative Act of Writing is Perception/Perceiving. But, since we always have concepts for our observations, then writing a verb, Viewing the World.

Or Writing is Our Perception Viewing Our World of Concepts. 

and working it like a dream, can we say that Writer's Block is a Block of our Perception? Yes. That works.






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