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Dreamer Recieves White Whale & Owl Spirit Grocery Store Dream Work

kristena briem-west allies animal powers dream spirits Harry Potter Moby Dick Owl Owl helping spirit shamanic dreaming White Whale

I was at my local health food store and a gal I know started telling me her dream.... She dreamed she was lucid and flying over the ocean; below was a white Whale & flying with her was an Owl.

Now she said she thought she was Harry Potter, and dismissed the dream, as if it happened to someone else... in this case Harry Potter. I replied, I like it better if you work it (the dream) as if you received two animal allies.


Then standing there looking at each other, her eyes bloomed into tears. I could feel her heart opening and the Power of the Dream Gifts entering her. I put my hand on her shoulder, and it was all she could do to not sit down and do a session of "Wailing" (whale-ing get it?) dream pun.

This is how the world is, we all have something that lives in us, that other people need. I had an image of the Good Fairy Godmother, that this deeply emotional and powerful work can happen standing in an organic grocery store.



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