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Florida Tragedy June 12: An Artist's Creative Response

kristena briem-west 911 allowing the color to show the painting anthroposophy Arts and Consiousness attacks color arising follow the creative path creative response to war evil Florida Tragedy June 12 Global Consciousness Project individual moral center Isis war JFK University light and dark Mani Manichean Manichean teachings on evil Medicine Dreaming meditation native american dream Nightclub Murders Florida Princeton University responding to tragedy rudolf steiner terrorist

What does one do with all the horrific and continuing tragedies that are rippling across the globe? How can we respond creatively? When 911 occurred I was in a private school studying Transformational Arts & Conscousness, a two year MA degree in how artists can transform communities. We made dolls in my studio for children who lost parents in the twin towers. This led to a year long gratitude project with a community arts initiative making dolls for kids in Children's Hospital, Oakland, California.

may 22d  blocking in color field and see what arises from the color.  Using Holbein Aqua Oils.

I feel like we are re-living America's beginning with the Wild Wild West, everyone and anyone can own a gun, and kill anyone they want. After 911 when I was living with this question of what do normal good people with a moral center do in response to hatred? I looked to the Saints, both living and dead. And they respond very much like Obama did (not saying he is a saint!) but with courtesy, specific needs to be requested (gun control anyone?) so that not anyone can live out there varying psycho-patholocial rebel fantasies. And they forgive. Amma has all her students meditate, she states clearly that meditating changes the world for the better. And Right-Action of course, as the Buddha says.

june 5 saw the figure of a head & shoulders and worked that in staying light & sketchy using hatch paint brush marks over the face. Using Holbein Aqua Oils.

So today after my morning 45 min swim, I turn on NPR and (I don't have cable TV since 19 years old) there was the Miserable, Terrible, Scary News. As a good citizen I listened to it on my drive to and from the grocery store about 40 minutes both ways,  until my stomach said, "no more."  And no visuals please, thank god for radio.

Princeton did a formal analysis on the Nature of Global Consciousness during 911. Princeton GCP  with a graph showing how these "eggs" which were placed all over the world responded to the attacks. It is not a proven hypothesis but look at the graph which tracked the event.

and another one for silent prayer on September 14, you can see the response. So I also think, that prayer, and right-action (peace and happiness for all beings in all the worlds response) does affect the Earth Being in a positive manner.

 So I decided to paint today. I saw in the painting rose forms arising in the body form. I am not a landscape painter, remember? a figure painter,  I kept it sketchy and loose and painted in some suggestions of roses.

As I worked on the painting, I remembered a TRUE DREAM I had in my teenage years. The "answer" came in response to my question to the spiritual worlds (working over the threshold of sleep/dreams with a question for 3 nights- a Rudolf Steiner technique) on how do I know and combat evil? (not exactly the question but maintaining sacred dream privacy) and what I "heard" in the dream, clear as day, "Look Through the Man and See the Living Rose Bush."

June 12 Look Through the (Hu)Man & See the Living Rosebush.  Using Holbein Aqua Oils.

Now I hadn't "Remembered" the dream until I was actually painting, as we know, when in the creative space we are not in the left brain mode. It was only on taking a break did that dream slowing rise to the surface of my consciousness. I haven't shared any part of that dream in 45+ years. But in a creative response to Evil becoming apparent, I choose to share a private TD (true dream) that I hope in sharing will become a Medicine Dreaming; something that being shared touches the heart & soul of someone else who may also choose a creative healing endeavour for our communities.

Medicine dreaming is for the medicine for the community. What does the community need?  True Dreams unpack over a life time, it doesn't surprise me that this painting arose some 45 years later in the midst of so much evil arising. The statement was: "Look through the Man and See the Living Rose Bush."

Every deed we do has an "image" or "being" attached to it. We create our world based on our choices. Some choices are woven of dark and light, some are light and some are dark. These are beings. We are woven with inner beings of our choices. (Look at a Tibetan Mandala of the Wheel of Death)

When we look inside ourselves can we see weaving Roses of Light? or darkened half animal forms longing for our redemptive acts to transform them into light beings of a higher consciousness? We get to chose.




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