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Archetypal Dreams The Sacred Twins Creation Heros; meeting the Deities

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When an Archetype enters your life, change is the new normal. They bring raw uncontrolled forces, upheaval, powerful kinetic somatic shifts, and sometimes a 180 degree turn about in what we think we know. This can collapse our world view, our consolidated and carefully constructed reality. It's good for us, but not pleasant typically, to go through a deconstruction or dismemberment to a newly "remembered" life.

Carl Jung brought forward for western culture the idea of Archetypes as a psychological tool for analysis. Jung himself underwent a dismemberment in  his own life, while being a counselor of others. By the end of his life, he was aware that the Archetypes were not just unconscious phenomena, especially after his stroke experiences. (see "Memories, Dreams & Reflections" by Carl Jung)

We are used to knowing we are here, this body, this mind, this heart & feelings.  These are mine. The "other" is out there, not me.  But Archetypes are real spiritual forces and filled with potentialities. Just look at a chemistry table, to imagine the forces lying behind those symbols...the same for Archetypes.

 The nature of dreams will bring us in contact with archetypal powers, and it's good to know this in advance, so that you don't discount or dismiss the adventure. For me, it happened this way...


In the summer of 1998, I drove through southern Utah and spent the night in a small town called Moab. That night a dream visited me that changed my life.
" I am standing before a Navajo woman. She is ageless. The planes on her face are beautiful with the land behind her. She tells me, "You must teach the story of The Twins. It is a teaching (or healing story) for the People." As I look over her shoulder, I spy two young Native American boys pedaling fiercely on red tricycles, their long black hair flying behind them. They are in a neighborhood, tearing in and out of their neighbor’s adobe gates. They are mischievous, bold and dynamic."

Upon awakening, I wonder if I am close to Navajo land. At breakfast, I ask a local if we are near Navajo country. He says I am on the border of the largest Navajo reservation. I am completely unaware of a "Twins story", so I jot down the dream in my journal. A few weeks later as I flip through an anthropological journal I see a small book advertisment that outlined the stories included within the text. My skin begins to tingle, as I read, "The Navajo creation story of "The Twins!" I order the book. I am impatient for information, and go to the local bookstore to see what I can discover. I walk up to psychology section and a title seems to leap off the shelf, "Creation Stories." I pull out the book, Marie-Louise Von Franzs’ "Creation Myths and it opens to a chapter headed, "The Two Creators!" My body tingles all over. As I begin my research I am astounded to find out that there are numerous of twin creation stories from all over the world.

During the year I research "Twins" creation stories, particularly the Navaho ones. Archetypal dreams keep pursuing me in the dream-time. In one dream, I see two giant men- Larger-Than-Life, stunningly beautiful with Long Long silky black hair. It looks like a movie set, or I think it's a movie set. A woman is putting  makeup on one of the Giant men. He is lordly, confident, magnificent, and he looks directly at me. I come very close to him, his face is radiant, light filled and I SEE that the makeup is not makeup, but the living radiant source of his god-like structure. I am in awe and confused, I blurt out, "I thought it was makeup!" And all the people and both Lords (Twins) laugh uproariously, as if the entire scenario was "staged" to wake me up. I come back to my body and wake up, delighted."


In the summer of 1999, I drive to the Navaho and Zuni pueblo near the Four Corners region to see if I can find an elder who might be willing to speak with me about the Twins story. I am able to speak with a Zuni elder. I tell him of my dream and research, but it took a while for him to realize that I was not an anthropologist in hunt of a quick story, but a sincere woman who had had a spirit dream. When he understood this, he changed his tone and said, "You have been touched." With brief sideways glances at me, he told me that the Twins are part of the sacred Zuni ceremonial dances, and they come out in the Winter Solstice, that they are indestructible; they cannot be overcome-or hurt. In these dances, the Gods and Goddesses merge with the dancers who are initiated and prepared for this. This keeps the world going. One twin, Killer of Enemies is the Right hand, and the other, Child of Water is the left hand.

The Navaho story of the twins outlines that Changing Woman (the earth goddess) is impregnated with the light of the Sun. Changing Woman has twins: Child of Water (in some stories the child of the Moon as father) and Killer of Enemies or Monster Slayer. They go on a quest to find their father the Sun. In overcoming many tests with help of their allies, the twins pass the tests their father gives them. The father gives the boys gifts to kill the Monsters of the earth. To one, he gives the lightening of the straight bolt, and to another, he gives the blue flashing lightening. With these gifts, the boys go back to earth, destroy the Monsters, and set the world to rights so the earth can prosper and balance is regained. It is very compelling that the ancient Hindu twins are also associated with lightening. 

In the year 2000, I received a dream to go to JFK University in Berkeley, California to get my Masters in Transformative Arts & Consciousness, and in my graduate exhibition created some art pieces that told the story of the Twins both in shamanic dolls, fabric and text. I completed what the Navaho Spirit Woman requested of me. Sharing this online will also help teach the story of the Warrior or Hero Twins.


 Honoring Archetypes involves not only "reading" academic journals and thinking we have knowledge of the subject. Especially if the Archetype is from another culture. We can never penetrate an indigenous cultures fullness, but we can try to become open to the messages. But if we begin to live in the Becoming of the Archetypes, then we enter into a relationship with the Beings "behind" these Primal Forces. Trying to bring those forces consciously by writing, dancing, singing, painting, crafting or creating music not only honors the journey, but grounds the energy somatically, which helps center and direct these energies toward further exploration. 

The story of the Archetypes of the Twins entering my life is much deeper than shared on this page, as this was Sacred Medicine for my soul's growth. And this is as it should be, the holy of holies is kept in silent contemplation. But all of us have the potential for archetypes to arise in our dream and waking lives. It's good to work with someone who has also journeyed this road, as a friend of the soul.

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