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Longing for Mystery; How Spiritual Experiences Change Your Life

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Yearning for Spiritual Renewal

- excerpt from Alchemy the Magical Arts of the Union of Soul© Kristena West

       "As souls, we long for mystery. We long for something to take us out of our lives, change us, shape us, intend us toward something better, something great, toward light, heat, passion, potency and purpose. Although we may desire this adventure into spirit, many of us fight off these experiences, as our egos consider them too threatening. Joseph Campbell, when speaking of the lure and danger of surrendering into the unconscious, says that these visions and dreams are dangerous.

They are dangerous because they threaten the safe world we have created for ourselves and our family. But the pull to the unconscious worlds also emits a strong lure, a fascinating temptation for us, we desire it and fear it. If we take this tempting bait, we will destroy ourselves and the constructed life we live. Yet the discovery of self, our true nature, will birth a vigorous, adventurous, more expansive whole human with a heart. “That is the lure, the promise and the threat,” says Campbell (The Hero with a Thousand Faces, p. 8)

We tend to resist this type of experience, because change is fearful. We will cling to what is known even if it is frustrating, boring, problematic or toxic for us. One of the problems people encounter with initiatory experiences is they have no frame of reference to lead them toward wholeness. Our Christian religious institution says only they can define revelations...with that in place who can tell us something about mystical phenomena outside the strictures of the church? Here we can turn to the mystery traditions which came out of hiding at the turn of this century and indigenous shamanic practice. " 2000©

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