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Irakli Parjiani Sacred Artist's of the New Testament John Gospel

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Irakli Parjiani Sacred Artist's of the New Testament John Gospel

After two years of copying the New Testament, Irakli’s friend, a historian Shio Oniani, gave him a copy of an old Svanetian manuscript and it was from this document that Irakly learned about his ancestors, whose trade had been the making of copies of the New Testament. This old historic manuscript is even quoted by a renowned Georgian scholar Eqvtrime Takaishvili in his work: “Archeological Expedition in Lechkhumi-Svaneti”, Paris, 1938 (p. 303). The old Svanetian manuscript dates back to the year 1031. 

A copy of the Martvili Testament was made by Ivane Parjiani in 1050, in which he mentions himself as Parjaniani: “I, Ivane Parjaniani copied this Holy Testament… in my own hand…” According to other sources, this manuscript was presented as a gift to Saint John’s church in Svaneti. The church of Saint John or church or Ianishi still stands in Irakli Parjiani’s father’s village, Latali, and is regarded as a family church of the Parjiani clan.


One cannot help but wonder,  could he have incarnated 900 years later in his own FAMILY LINEAGE to finish or continue the work on the John Gospel?  

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