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The Gifts of Dream during a Life Crisis; Help from the Other Side

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       Excerpt from: Alchemy; the Magical Arts of the Union of Soul©

The Gifts of Dreams During Life Crisis

         Many crisis experiences can come not only in our life events but also in visions or dreams. Your dreams will help show you the way through the fire into your cauldron of transformation by the dream scenarios you encounter. The fluidity of the spiritual worlds held within the context of your “dream” is a perfect container to map who you are and where you are in your life path.

         Your dreams will support and guide you, giving you hope when you least expect it, in the dark night of the soul. Working with your dreams will give you daily information, messages, warnings, and health guidelines. Dreams will show you your false face or shadow self. Dreams will give you a safe arena in which you can identify, confront, and battle your enemies, be they abusers, addictions, or your shadow nature.

         We can awaken to our calling by kindling the inner potentialities through the use of dreamwork as a connecting link to the spiritual worlds and their inhabitants. Dreams can and do initiate us into states of awareness, recognition and resolution regarding our life issues. We can even receive healing of our physical, mental and emotional bodies within the dream context.   -Kristena West

Artist: Kristena West

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