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Habitual Negative Thinking Creates Thought Forms = Addictions

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A great Picture of an Alchemical Egregore! the Thought Form that is built when we habitually think or do something. If we give it alot of energy, the Egregore becomes "Alive" and to continue living, discharges itself against the head in order for us to engage in the activity/thinking again.


We all know our habitual negative thought forms; worry, dread, doubt, fear, anger, jealousy, self-hatred. It's the default place we go to, to try to handle the challenges and anxieties of  life. But these continued thoughts creates habitual thinking which in turn create adapting patterns of behavior or coping strategies. Negative thoughts, over time,  can create illness. Neuroplasticity. Neuroscientists have  discovered that the brain is plastic, meaning it's malleable. It changes through our actions. And our thoughts (any thought that is habitual) creates deep grooves in our brain, this creates habits and some habits are addicting. 

Shaman's as seers take this deeper. When Shaman's do a healing for someone, they see the illness in the body as a dark shape, a scary animal, a smell, or a demon in places in the body. Each healer has a index file in their head as each ill-health=mis-shapen shadow has it's own code.

So many indigenous shamans say that most of the people in the West that come to them for a healing are ill with negative images. Wait for it. From Watching television! Now these interviews with shaman's were before cell phones with email, games, facebook etc., so you can imagine how many more negative meaningless images we "eat" a day. 

And we have to say something about "true" images or images with healing potential, and negative images. Just scrolling through Facebook one can view hundreds of images without reading content, these images for the most part are meaningless, or give 30 seconds of attraction and then we scroll down the timeline, looking at more meaningless images.

Even artwork that people have worked a life time at, are now just another 2 second glimpse and we are on to the next. This is eating images. They do not digest. This can overtime, create fatigue, numbness, lessen empathy, disconnect us from humanity, lose creativity, and we feel not well, like an empty pit that just wants more images. urp. or not?

Whose going to stop you? No-one, the mega marketing monster birthing more and more apps can keep you crook-necked the rest of your life. Sometimes, I think there is no MOM or authority to tell us to stop, so we just keep on going over-indulging. So we can add computer viewing to our assorted addictions; eating, drinking, sex, shopping, gambling, gaming, viewing images. Last night I went to a restaurant to pick up some take-out and in a booth were a young man and his girlfriend, both crook-necked looking at their cell phones. No connection with each other. When do we put down the metal entertainer if not at breaking bread with each other? Our souls long for contact, conversation, being in company with each other.

image from consumer reports ad for cell phones for the entire family!

But life is here on earth, not in the of so cool tech appendage. We need to dis-engage from the view finder and recommit to life on earth and each other.

image credit Hadley Court Interior Design Blog

In indigenous tribes (that once once us too!) everything that was made, was made  beautifully. Things had to last, there were no mass produced items;  so easily bought, broken and replaced via amazon, so what was made was made to last. Also, items were made of natural materials, clay, earth, wood, leather, plant fibers or dyes were used. The People knew end products were Beings, who had been alive and inter-connected in the cosmic structure of earth life.

Prayers and thanksgiving were part of killing animals for food and almost everything was used; for eating, the hide for clothing or domiciles, gut for sewing thread. Everyone knew this, it was the given, the thing known, the ground of the world; that beings gave their life for us to live. Traditional people considered the soul of the being, helped the maker to allow the power and beauty to infuse the objects being made. The earth's trees, animals, plants and minerals and water were/are considered to be helpers of the people. To help them live a good life, walking the beauty way in harmony with all. That is why everything made was beautiful, the artist or maker was working in conjunction with the spirit as an ally.  An image or object was a spirit endowed imagination, as the entire making of it was done in a sacred manner. 

A teepee was not just hide covering pieces of wood framing the shape to crawl into to avoid bad weather patterns. If it was made from hide, the animal, perhaps a buffalo spirit, the clan name or warriors victories were written in "picture" script over the landscape of the buffalo spirit hide. The wood frame were parts of a tree nature spirit that gave limbs to embrace the Buffalo spirit to create a hut or home. All that and more was seen as "the given" by indigenous peoples. You could say, that the teepee was a living soul song in the wind of the worlds, that carried the human, animal and plant stories to the great Buffalo spirit, the Tree Spirits, the Mother Sky and Father Sun, and the Great Creator Beings, the Manitous.

I learned this over many years working with shamans, because one of my big life questions is, "What makes art sacred?"  What takes an object from a "thing" to a "sacred being?".  And Martin Prechtel tells this in his beautiful story, Secrets of the Talking Jaguar and Honey in the Heart

 how the Mayan culture was a society of knowledge bearers.  If you read these books, they will open your eyes to something it took me years of study with various shamans to learn. I was lucky to work with Martin in a Ritual workshop preceding a three year advanced shamanic training. I started serious study of ritual work in my twenties, and use ritual work my personal life, in teaching, healing and for creative work. Ritual created with a sacred intention creates a soul spirit infused atmosphere so one is working creatively with the spiritual beings.

What many people don't realize is that Rudolf Steiner took the wisdom of  ancient shamanic practices and mystery wisdom traditions and alchemically metamorphosed them with initiate seer wisdom for the healing of the human being of today; biodynamic gardening, anthroposophical medicine working with minerals and plants (spirits), Waldorf education, the three-fold social order, eurthmy and arts. As well as his books on how each one of us can achieve initiation in the West without a guru or teacher. I wouldn't hesitate to say, that Rudolf Steiner, as a sun initiate and seer, was one of the greatest "shamans" of our time. And like all good shamans gave his life and compassionate help to the world. This is why after studying and teaching for years in mystery traditions and shamanic practices, I could realize the enormous scope of what Steiner achieved, and gave up my full-time shamanic practice to become an Anthroposophist. I lived it, and through study and practice had a soul realization that changed my life and right livelihood.

the shifting of the world soul...

With Europe and America leading the way, we invented mass production and a toss away society. We also began to think Science could explain the world to it's most common denominator. Living a sacred life changed over time to a materialistic one, and our consciousness shifted from working with the helping spirits to  "I only believe what I can see." It's a complete 180 degree turn and made Science, the given, the ground of the world. What is so evocative about the artist illustration of Pokemon, is that the thing created is now riding the human. And the "thing" created is soulless.

You can begin to imagine how many deadened images are in our bodies when we go to sleep at night.  One way to sift, process, morph images is to do a nightly practice, an exercise that Rudolf Steiner gives, called the "Backward Review of the Day," or the Ruckshau. The review of images of deeds we have done, thoughts about life and problems, issues with people, is smoothly gone through image by image backwards with no judgements about our mishaps, just a firm resolve to do better next time.

This backward review is like taking stitches from the evening lying in bed back to the morning when we are back in bed at waking. This knits up the raveled sleeve of time, until you bring night sleep to morning sleep. It's okay if you drop off to sleep when you do this practice. By doing this evening process, it not only helps develop your will, but it's inwardly strengthening, and lifts some of the "pictures" of the day to consciousness. (5 minutes is good)

This evening practice, like a morning meditation, brings meaning back to our life processes, enlivens the exploits of the day and give conscious recognition to events that happened that may perplex the soul with questions to resolve.

.....what we may be up against...

Watching the world now with all the technological fast-info devices, I notice that just because people read something, they think they know it. This is not wisdom. I had a friend in the 3 year advanced shamanic training program who was an older well published professor of Anthropology in a famous university in the south, once say to me about Californians in general, "Kristena, just because you'all have a thought, you think it's true." Pointing out in her unaffected way, a lack of critical thinking applied to what we think and so believe.

In the mainstream worlds of adolescents, I have witnessed with many of the young growing up with devices is that they want skills ready made, they do not want to work for them, and they have no patience for their lack of skill as beginners; even as children. So they don't paint, or sing, quilt, play an instrument, they give up before they begin. Wow!

But in order to "know" the world of consciousness, we have to begin a practice, whatever it is, to pierce the world, as Don Juan would say. In my practice, I have witnessed over and over again, that what people (think) they know stops them from the "Truth of Thing" entering them. When we Know, We Know, we close the door to spirit of the thing entering into dialogue with you. Rudolf Steiner's exercise of the backwards review of the day is a way of unloosening the "this is what happened today" deadness of our knowing. By doing this practice you will find that the images can be links to mysteries of your soul. But that comes over time.

We have to live into the world becoming imaginatively. We have to re-learn how to be silent and allow the world to enter into us. When we begin to dissolve our addictive behaviors that close the door to the world, we begin to allow space in our interior life to create a curious and friendly (as Goethe said) beholding. Then the world will, over time, begin a conversation with us that can become a conscious co-working with the world being.


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