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Wasili Wasin Sacred Art Images of Salvation & Divinity Modern Icons

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In our Working with Deities Making Sacred Art as a Healing Meditation Facebook group, we find sacred art, made by contemporary artists and this month we have been discussing Wasili Wasin. These beautiful precious modern icons are perfect contemplative treasures to drop our gaze into and ponder the mysteries.   

Like ancient bas-relief these beauties are like precious gems, little altars of love delving deeply into the life of Mary & Christ and the Saints. Using ancient practices, these tiny altars are slightly rounded puzzle pieces of gold leaf and pure pigment,  sacred iconography but with modern spiritual designs. 

Wasili Wasin used, like his big predecessors, lime wood panels. The way in which he makes the structure of the wood a natural part of the performance is innovative. Not only the natural forms, such as knots and bark, but also the traces of the sawing are part of his performances. For the construction of the show he uses classic materials such as fish glue, chalk powder, pigment, tempera, oil paint and gold leaf. Characteristic of the work of Wasili Wasin are the many layers of lacquer that give his work a special shine.

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