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What is the Nature of Faith in the St. John Gospel?

kristena briem-west


In the Sixth Chapter of the St. John Gospel Jesus Christ is speaking about “faith” in His responses to the Jews and his disciples.

  • “Then they said to him, “What must we in order that our deeds may work with the working of God?”

  • “Jesus answered, “This is the working of God, that you have faith in him whom HE has sent.”

  • “Whomever comes to me will hunger no more, and whoever has faith in me will thirst no more.”

    “This is the will of the Father, that every one who sees the Son and has faith in him would have a share in the imperishable life; and I will give him the power of resurrection at the end of time.”

  • “Yes, I say to you: Whoever has faith has imperishable life. I am the Bread of life.”

    “The words I spoke to you have spirit and have life. But there are some among you that have no faith.”

“Later we read, “Then sayeth He to Thomas, reach hither thy finger and behold My hands, and reach hither thy hand and thrust it into My side: and be not faithless, but believing. And thou shalt behold something if thou dost not rely upon the outer appearance, but art impregnated with inner power.”

This inner power which should proceed from the Event of Palestine is called “Faith.” It is no ordinary force, but an inner clairvoyant power.  (RSteiner)


This new consciousness was pre-figured during the times of the mystery of Golgotha. In the lecture of Matthew Gospel, Steiner goes on to clarify,

“But the disciples themselves lived in two states of consciousness that can be compared with waking life and sleep. “If this element were to become clairvoyant, it would perceive the immediate future. Events of the near future are among the first perceptions of any clairvoyance that is pure, authentic and honest.
This was especially true of the disciples. “  (RS Matthew Gospel)

Dream Book© Kristena West excerpt from my book in process


In everyone, including the disciples, we have to recognize both the man of the present and also that which he bears within him as the seed for future incarnations. The seed of what will flower in you in future epochs in an entirely new way is already present in each one of you. If this power, which already exists in you were to develop to clairvoyance, it would reveal itself by a sort of early clairvoyant experience, and this would take the form of a vision of the immediate future. If these first experiences are pure and true, things concerning the more immediate future are seen.” Among the first clairvoyant experiences should be happening of the immediate future. This was the case with the disciples. “  (italics authors)

Regarding his Mystery plays Steiner says, “What the acceptance of Christ will mean for a human evolution on earth I have endeavored to show you in the ‘seer-nature’ of Theodora in the Rosicrucian Mystery Play. She must be regarded as one who had developed the power of seeing into the near future, of seeing how we are advancing towards a time, not far distant, when at first a few, and then gradually more and more, will be able to see the form of Christ; not solely as the result of spiritual training but as a natural development of our present stage of evolution.

Dream Book© (working title) Text is copyright by Kristena West excerpt from my book in process. Share only by attributing author. 

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