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Women's Wake Up Tools for Opening to the Divine Feminine

kristena briem-west

an excerpt from my book: Alchemy the Magical Arts of the Union of Soul. Inner work for Women and Men. copyright 2000

The successful rebirth of the divine feminine depends especially on every woman’s ability to begin the process of emergence—emergence into a recognition of spiritual gifts, creative power, passion, and life purpose. As women emerge so, too, the divine feminine emerges.

What can women do to help this process? One step is to focus on educating ourselves, for within education lies knowledge that leads to expansion and freedom. Start reading! There are literally hundreds of books on the Goddess traditions, feminist theory, and alternative scriptures that include a mother creator. Get educated about family violence; learn communication skills; do self-esteem and recovery work; find a creative practice that delights you. Reclaim your body through dance, massage, grief work—discover what is offered and available. Attend workshops and take part in women’s circles. If there are no women’s groups handy, start your own.

Birthing is never an easy time. The time just before birth is critical, fraught with pain, fear, and contractions until the head crowns and the child is born with the mother’s last great pushes. Who is willing to help our Earth in her labor pains? Who will greet this feminine force and open to it? The work of men is to anchor their divine masculine principle, which calls the feminine field to blossom.

The second thing a woman must do is to heal her wounds so she can actualize her dreams. A woman’s wounds lie not just within her own story, however; her wounds are embedded within a historical, political, and religious context of gender suppression. In order for women to be educated about women’s power issues, they need to know when they had power and when they lost it. copyright Text & Art by Kristena West M.A.

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