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InnerLightArts Kristena West

Hummingbird Sweet Mouth Medicine 18" x 24" Oil Painting


Hummingbird Sweet Mouth Medicine 18" x 24" Oil Painting Kristena West

The Indian maiden raises up through the earth, she looks at me, and waves one arm swiftly up and with intention. On the quick downward gesture a hummingbird manifests, swooping down from the sky. This happens in a blink of the eye.  In this one beautiful gesture she puts her finger over her lips, while the hummingbird hovers over her mouth. "Sweet Mouth Medicine" resounds cosmically.

In shamanic cultures every shaman has healing medicine animals and teachers.

Sweet Mouth Medicine is our beloved angel like-hummingbirds. Cultivating our speaking into sweetness is the healing medicine this bird brings. We are aware in our hearts of the beauty way of this gift. Cultivating kindness is what every religion and tradition asks of us. We must practice this beauty way.

From my Women's Wisdom series healing art for meditation and cultivating sacred images of women.


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