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InnerLightArts Kristena West

Traveling thru Sun Spheres 24" x 48" Oil Painting


A Traveling Painting; Shamanic Jouney.
24" x 48" Oil Painting  2' x 4' gallery wrapped sides canvas. Kristena West

Leaving the earth is a letting go of form; releasing on all levels, taking only the homeopathic essence of our inner lives. Use this painting to meditate, or journey out of your body by contemplating the rise into light and formlessness. There is a sweetness to dissolving.

 As an esoteric artist and long-time shamanic practitioner, we can create art that holds the intention we infuse the painting with. This supports letting go on many levels; from negative emotions, from illness to health, to quiet the mind, to remember the journey of our lives, to arise to higher levels of thinking feeling and willing, and of course the final letting go, the dying of the body to the earth and crossing the thresholds into the spiritual worlds.

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