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InnerLightArts Kristena West

SunDancer Spirit Sun Resurrection 24" x 48" Oil Painting


The Native American Sun dancers dance for a vision or a healing for the People. This painting explores my 20+ years studying with shamans and indigenous teachers. I think the Sun Dance is another "picture" of our longing for the Lord of Sun, who is a Christ figure. Questions that arise are What does it take for a Sun to rise in our hearts? How does suffering purify our bodies & spiritual bodies? How do we contemplate the mystery of Golgotha in this materialistic age in full freedom?

The First People in America have undergone many unrecognized crucifixtions' over the years.

Icons are made with the premise that the Icon gazes at you, while you are gazing at the icon.

The 8" x 10" image will be a close-up of the Sundancer's face & hand.

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