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kristena west studios

I have spent my life in search of answering two questions. "How can I know God?" That question changed over time to, How can I know God/Goddess directly, without a church, shaman or guru? My second question is, "What is the difference between art and Sacred Art? Is all art sacred? and if not, how does one create Sacred Art?"

I dove into studying cross-cultural religions and various pagan practices at an early age and never stopped.  In my early twenties, I followed a guru, learned meditation, studied with shamans from around the globe for 20 years, and practiced the Khabala, Golden Dawn Ceremonial Magic, Celtic shamanism, Wicca, Goddess Cultures, Buddhism, and a dash of Sufism.


Nonetheless, I simply love God/Goddess in all it's diversity, forms, figures and sacred sigels. So Inner Light Arts ( a dream name given to this site years ago) is going to show all kinds of art from abstract to delving into Sacred Arts. And discuss a wide-range of topics.

I live in two worlds, the world of commerce having sold over 3,500 pieces of art on eBay to pay my student loan, and my "spiritual" art. I never wanted my "spiritual" friends to know about my "commerical art making" and held back deep art (spiritual) from most. So it's time to come out of the proverbial closet. I am a spiritual artist. I am a commercial artist. That's my Artist's Life.



Kristena West M.A. CV

ASD Member: Association for the Study of Dreams

Education & Training
Goethean Studies Rudolf Steiner College. Fair Oaks, California

MA• JFK University: Transformative Arts and Consciousness. Berkeley, California
Diversity Grant Recipientient: Kids in Need of a Cuddle Project Children's Hospital, Oakland.

BA Antioch University Santa Barbara, California: Major in Communications and Minor in Psychology

Council Circle & Right-Livelihood Teacher Training Santa Barbara, California

AS Ventura College Ventura, California
Art Scholarship recipient and Alpha Gamma Sigma. Major in Fine Art, Minor in Commercial Art and Fashion Design.

Foundation of Shamanic Studies: Shamanism, Death and Beyond. San Francisco, California

International Clown Institute: Summer Intensive, Santa Barbara California

Foundation of Shamanic Studies: Three Year Advanced Shamanic Healing and Training, Soul Retrieval and Shamanic Counseling. Mill Valley, California

Fashion Design
2016-2004 Fashion Design, Batik, Silk Evening Wear

Art & Soul
1990-2016 Blog, Private Sessions, Arts & Consiousness

Lectures & Teaching

2007 Waking Up Over the Threshold: Etheric Vision Faust Branch, Fair Oaks, California

1994-2008 WomanSpirit Art & Soul Programs: Santa Barbara, California

2003 Dreaming Over the Threshold. Rudolf Steiner College, Fair Oaks, California

2001-2002 Women's Art Doll Program. Berkeley, California

2001 Dreaming Workshop Westebek, California

2001 Art Dolls Studio Class Berkeley, California

2001 6 Month JourneyWork Training San Francisco, California

2001 Council Circle Teacher Training & Creative Arts Program. Santa Barbara, California

1997-98 Men's Group: Santa Barbara, California


1999 ASD Conference Most Outstanding Telepathic Dreamer Award
Association for the Study of Dreams. See contest and photos click above. Santa Cruz, California


Solo Exhibitions

1995 One Woman Show: Legends, Lovers & Other Archetypes
The De La Guerra Gallery, Santa Barbara, California

Group Exhibitions

2016 North American School for Spiritual Science Art Section, Ottawa,  Canada at the College of Applied Arts 

2006 Buddha Abides, Frameworks Gallery, Santa Barbara, California.

2003 Sophia Installation & Devotional Icons. Rudolf Steiner College, Fair oaks, California.

2002 Deities, Dialogues & Dreams: Extraordinary Conversations with Ordinary People. JFK University Gallery, Berkeley, California

2001 The Awakening: September 11, 2001. JFK University Gallery, Berkeley, California

2001 - 9/11 Nicho, The Black Box Oakland: Day of the Dead Community Altars: Oakland, California

1995 The Enchanted Room Gallery Art Dolls: New York, New York

1995 The Beverly Hills Doll Show. Beverly Hills, California.

1991 Dolls For the 21st Century: Springfield Museum. Springfield, Oregon

1989 Group Show: Outsiders Gallery. Santa Barbara, California

1985 The Carillon Beach Show Santa Barbara, California

Community Events

2011 "Queen of the Sun: Movie Screening, Santa Barbara, California

2008-09 "Sophia in Arts" Dennis Klocek, Santa Barbara, California

Community Arts Events

2002-2003 "Kids in Need of a Cuddle, Children's Hospital, Oakland. Oakland, California

2001 "Dolls for Peace," Children of September 11, 2001, Walnut Creek, California

1993 "Moon Queen & Peacock Ensemble", Summer Solstice Parade, Santa Barbara, California

1993-96 Kristena West Halloween Creative Costume Workshops. Santa Barbara, California


Radio Interviews

2001"How Art & Personal Development Transforms Our Life," Women and the Arts", KALX 90.7, Berkeley, California

1997 "Gender Reconciliation, the Work for Men & Women," Body, Mind, & Spirit, KGLW 1340, Information Press Hour, San Luis Obispo, California

1996 "Spiritual Techniques for Daily Living," Body, Mind, & Spirit, KGLW 1340, Information Press Hour, San Luis Obispo, California


Solo Exhibitions & Performance

2000 "Mae West," Art Auction for Foundation of Shamanic Studies Benefit, Mill Valley, California

1995 "Flora Spring Goddess", Guest Costume Artist, Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum, Santa Barbara, California 1995 "Mae West; I Was Just A Girl A Head of Her Time." Evening Performance for Sex, Love & Relationships Addicts Retreat, White Lotus, Santa Barbara, California

1994 " Sisters Act," Evening Performance for Co-Dependents Recovery Retreat, White Lotus, Santa Barbara, California

1994 "Sun King & Queen Ensemble", Summer Solstice Parade, Santa Barbara, California

1992 - 96 "Costume Artist", Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum, Santa Barbara, California

1993 "Moon Queen & Peacock Ensemble", Summer Solstice Parade, Santa Barbara, California

1993 "The Great Guru, " Evening Performance for the Sacred Psychology Retreat, Ojai Foundation, Ojai, California

1993 "Mae West; Dig Deeper Into Those Pockets Boys." for Heath House AIDs Benefit, Montecito Estate, California

Costume Design and Theater

1993-1996 Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum: Guest Costume Artist. Santa Barbara, California

1975-94 Costume Designer and Make-up Consultant Santa Barbara, California

1985-1994 Santa Barbara Youth Dance Theater Guest artist and consultant for costume, set and make-up design. Santa Barbara, California

1992 "Wild Women, Spirit Women" Costumer, Santa Barbara, California

1987 Mardi Gras Costume Consultant: New Orleans, Louisiana

1992 Santa Barbara Summer Solstice Parade: Staff Costume and Fabricator. Santa Barbara, California

1992 Santa Barbara Summer Stock: Myth of Perseus: Costumer. Santa Barbara, California

1993-96 Kristena West Halloween Creative Costume Workshops. Santa Barbara, California



2002 Deities: Dialogue's & Dreams. Extraordinary Conversations with Ordinary People. JFKU Arts Annex Gallery, Berkeley, California

2002 Dolls for Peace Project. Children's Hospital, Oakland &  JFKU Arts Annex Gallery, Berkeley, California

1999-2001 Kristena West Studios Online Fine Arts Gallery

1979 Salon de Refuse', Ventura College Gallery. Ventura, California

Art Gallery Experience

1993-1995 The De La Guerra Gallery: Santa Barbara, California

1988 Isis Gallery: Corte Madera, California

1987 Hanson Gallery: New Orleans , Louisiana

1988 Hanson Gallery: Beverly Hills & Los Angel, California

1986 North Wind Studios Gallery:Ventura, California



2002 "Dolls as Transformative Art, " Common Ground Magazine Spring Issue

2001 "Shamanic Dolls, " Open Exchange Magazine December Issue

1999 "The Gifts of Shamanic Dreaming, " Circle Magazine Winter Issue

1995 "Fox as the Fool," Contemporary Doll Magazine Gallery Section Summer Issue

1992 "Kristena West Presents MythMakers©", Doll Reader Magazine October Issue

1992 " The Many Faces of Santa", Doll Reader Magazine December Issue


2002 The Spirit God in Art: Inner Work, Contemplation, Applied Dreamwork and the Creative Arts. Masters Thesis. JFK University, Berkeley, California.

1998-1999 Alchemy: The Magical Arts of the Union of Soul by Kristena West

1996-1998 Information Press Monthly Column: San Luis Obispo, California