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Dream Work as a Spiritual Practice & Private Practice Sessions

            Kristena West
I was lucky,  when I was a child, my father-a student of Rudolf Steiner's Anthroposophy- taught me Steiner's methodology for crossing the threshold consciously, which Steiner called, "Continuity of Consciousness."  New physics hasn't reached the depths and breadth of universal reality yet. I have spent my life exploring consciousness, western mystery traditions, mythology, and Jungian psychology and indigenous practices. Spending twenty years working with cross cultural shamans, my dreams led me to my right-livelihood, healed my psyche and challenged me to become a teacher and healer.
excerpt from book, "Alchemy: The Magical Arts of the Union of Soul" by Kristena West pub/2000

Today there is a great thirst for deep spiritual awakening—an inner awakening that can be used as the warp and weft with which we spin our life’s tapestry. We are looking for a foundation stone on which to build our spiritual life. We want something that will weather the trials, tribulations, and storms we face; something that works; something that translates into practical, personal assistance that we can constantly rely on in our rapidly changing lives.
            We may look to teachers, books, workshops, religions, and diverse spiritual systems in order to touch Source. Yet within each of us is the dream. Dreamwork will enhance any religious or spiritual system you engage in, or it can be developed into a spiritual path in itself. Today many people are turning toward dreamwork, shamanism, Western mystery traditions, and other indigenous practices for guidance and support in building their spiritual lives.
Dreamwork as a Spiritual Path
            Dreaming is one of the most ancient techniques of acquiring spiritual wisdom known to us. Dreamwork serves the soul, turning it toward the light, toward health, wholeness, and individual destiny in alliance with spiritual beings. Developing dreamwork as a spiritual path will present you with all the challenges that a truly profound teacher or adept would, including adventures, tasks to complete, shadow meetings, and the work of consciously integrating the shadow. When you experience a dark night of the soul, having done everything you could to help yourself, the dreamwork path provides the possibility of a healing dream or divine intervention. As you progress and successfully complete tasks and tests, you will be initiated into realms of spiritual knowledge, wisdom, and power to be used in the service of our community and the Earth.
            Here are some questions to consider before committing to dreamwork as either a practical path or a spiritual path of power.
The Basics
  • How do I begin to remember, map, and interpret my dreams?
  • How does applied dreamwork give results in my daily life, and what are the benefits?
  • How does dreamwork relate to my current life events or problems?
  • How do I know what the dreams are telling me in relation to my complex life questions?
Healing the Sacred Wound
  • How do I use my dream guidance to help me through a habitual problem or addiction?
  • Can I actually receive a healing from an addiction or compulsive habit in my dreams?
  • How can dreamwork help me in relation to my unconscious sabotage patterns?
  • How do I heal early childhood abuse through dreamwork? Heal my relationship with my family of origin?
  • How can dreamwork help me with my health?
  • Will dreaming give me guidance I can trust?
  • Will it warn me in advance of any disease? Can I receive a healing?
  • Can dreamwork help me to find my Beloved?
  • Can dreamwork help me with my children, my husband or wife?
  • Can it enhance or heal my sexuality? How?
Life Purpose/Destiny
  • What are my spiritual gifts? Will dreamwork identify them?
  • Can dreams help move me toward my destiny?
  • How do I translate my spiritual gifts into a life path?
  • What does my destiny have to do with the greater common good?
  • How can dreaming help me to awaken my creativity?
  • Can dreamwork help me with a creative problem?
  • Can my dreams point me in the direction of a creative path?
  • How do I really know if I am meeting spiritual teachers or mere figments of my dream imagination? Can I count on my dream teachers in times of spiritual need?
  • Can I have a mystical experience? Meet God/Goddess? What effect will it have on me?
  • Can I undergo initiations into more advanced personal work through dreamwork?
            All these questions and more have been answered for me when I’ve paid attention and worked/played with my dreams. You may have different questions within these seven basic topics, or perhaps other topics as well. Working with your dreams will, over time, give you results in daily life. Using dreamwork as a spiritual path will begin the process of awakening to your unconscious or shadow self, remembering who you are, healing your wound, and giving back to society your spiritual gifts.
Unseen Friends
            The Earth is filled with spiritual beings, creatures of earth, air, fire, and water—trees, stones, plants, crystals, animals. Similarly, there are numerous beings from diverse spiritual systems on the inner planes. These are not outmoded psychic forces or inner soul symbols; neither are they a new-age discovery. They are aware, evolving, living realities, endowed with vast spiritual powers. When you begin the task of dreaming and ask to be taught this ancient art and craft, you will send a signal into the spiritual worlds. That signal will be answered. The dream becomes the vehicle through which your soul speaks to your divine sources.
            We all have unseen teachers, and mainly, we are unaware of them. We are never alone, despite how we might feel. We are helped, guided, and prodded by our unseen angels or spirits many times during the day and night. As humans we enter into relationship with the higher worlds through contact with supernatural beings, with the Creator/Creatrix at the apex. If we can separate this construct from religious dogma, we can use it as a frame of reference for touching the ineffable through dreaming. In your dreamwork, I encourage you to use a spiritual frame of reference wherein you feel most comfortable, be it Celtic, Buddhist, pagan, shamanic, Christian, or Native American.
Dream work

Private Dream Work Sessions: Fees are on a sliding scale of $80-$100 per hour.
Phone consultation are 1 hour. Please email to book a session between 10am-5pm M-F
I am in California USA Time Zone PST

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