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So many of us do not feel free, especially the since 9/11 and with current world politics. We may feel trapped in our job, our relationships, our country, and our current life scenario.  If we consider it deeply, we may realize that we are going through life doing our "duty" and not following our bliss. In an Alchemical practice, we need to separate out the Elements of our lives, in order to reveal tensions, hidden motives, blocked creativity, secret dreams, longings of the soul. Once we have separated out obstacles & ambitions, it's easier to understand how we got here; to our unlived life.

In the first step in Alchemy is identifying the Prima Materia; the First Matter. The Blackness of our wound.

pri·ma ma·te·ri·a
ˌprīmə məˈti(ə)rēə,ˌprēmə/
  1. primeval matter; fundamental substance.

In psychological language, we call this the "core wound" where we lost essential soul parts or aspects of life or creativity- potential. This is part of our Prima Materia, and is the start of The Work.

The Wound Leads to Soul Realignment and Destiny

         To identify our sacred wound means to uncover where we lost ourselves, where we split off our soul parts and created a masked persona. This once highly creative act has become a death-mask, for underneath we are dying. We are dying because we know we are hiding our worth, our light, our juiciness, our wildness—our passionate, delectable, true selves—under a disguise. This is our wound, pure and simple. The healing process is a call from soul to realign. In this realignment we get to clear and uproot the negative messages, protections, body and mind armoring, lying, theories, patterns, beliefs, and compulsive behaviors we have habitually engaged in since the beginning of our self-creation play.

         As a facilitator and teacher of right-livelihood, I have seen countless people who were already manifested in the world: doctors, artists, contractors, psychologists, teachers. They all had one thing in common, they were miserable in their jobs. Many of them felt they were called to do something else but could not figure out what it was. Some of the lucky ones knew what they wanted to do, but for some unknown reason, they could not transfer into the other chosen vocation. They had the social, economic, and technical skills necessary, but they couldn’t make the shift into their right livelihood.

         As you can guess, this caused them great emotional pain. Many of them had done the requisite years of psychotherapy. They worked in the classes on addiction–wound correlation, discovering where they got off track, creating goals, and planning action steps. Despite the group’s support, their personal commitment, and daily action plans, many of them were unable to venture beyond what was known and safe toward their chosen destiny. Why couldn’t they hold onto their calling to right livelihood? Why couldn’t they move forward?


  • Timing; the soul’s timing may be different than what we think we need. Sometimes there is a hidden matter, something of which we are not aware or that has little to do with us, that may be settling outside events into the correct position for us to venture forth.


  • Some people find out that they are at the beginning of their self-discovery journey. They are just beginning to realize that they do not know who they are. At this part of the journey, focusing on goals like, “What am I here to do?” is premature. Their inner work lies in uncovering the layers of misinformation, hidden dreams, and forgotten childhood qualities and discovering where they lost themselves, identifying what they created as a false persona and why.


  • Soul loss is another factor. Participants in class who held onto their dreams and knew what they were here to do could not manifest because they lacked the spiritual power to do so. Many of them had lost soul or spiritual power during traumatic life events, internalizing negative messages and the creation of their false personas. What many of them needed was a spiritual healing to bring back that which was pushed out and split off from the soul.


         Psychologists say we dissociate during trauma. This is true. From a shamanic point of view, these “soul parts” don’t usually come back. This soul loss leaves a hole or a lack within the soul force that we feel very deeply. We develop behaviors to stuff or stop us from feeling the black hole within. Thus begins our inner battle. The wound, the memories, the anger, the despair, the fear, the addictions are denial patterns of the personality in direct struggle with spiritual life and our calling.

Soul Retrieval: Reclaiming Lost Aspects of Self

         The wound is where we denied or got diverted from our spiritual path. But psychology, tells us that to identify, feel, and release the pain of our wound is to bring wholeness and healing to our body, mind, and spirit. Yet so many aren’t healed even after years of psychological work. Using the shamanic technique of soul retrieval can bring results and individual healing by bringing back spiritual power.

         Receiving a soul retrieval can be a primary first step on our healing journey. We have all been through some form of trauma in our life time. It takes time to integrate a soul retrieval. But over time, as the power is integrated into the soul life, aspects of the self that have been out of balance begin to realign. This process can be easy and relatively uneventful or it can take conscious effort and intent. The inner work really begins after spiritual healing.

         If we don’t get our spiritual power back, one of the problems we face is not only repeating painful patterns but also talking about them. Our story is the road into the wound. We tend to repeat our trauma both in outer events and in the stories we tell. If we are unconscious, then we may not understand that the soul is weaving the hero or heroine’s journey. Our job is to pay attention and follow the thread into the labyrinth.

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