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SOUL RETRIEVAL HEALING a Holistic Approach to Remembering Who You Are


Soul Retrieval


A Holistic Approach to Soul

Creative Healing with Art, Color, Dreamwork
and Flower Essence Therapies

Kristena West M. A.


Soul Retrieval Identifies the Key Soul Loss Issues

Soul Retrieval is Medicine of the Soul for the Soul.

Soul retrieval is a contemporary results-oriented form of healing. It combines a variety of ancient
and modern holistic techniques that address the issues of imbalance, illness and fragmentation of soul loss.

Soul retrieval, arts and flower essence therapy are powerful tools in our contemporary culture for
supporting the healing of numerous illness and emotional trauma such as:
• depression & anxiety
• issues of power or powerlessness
• low self-esteem
• incest or abuse addictions
• relationship and sexual issues
• negative behaviors
• career questions
• health problems
• blocked creativity

• Psychologist's say that during times of illness, shock, accidents, divorce or death of a loved one, deep trauma-
emotional, physical or sexual abuse, we disassociate or experience "soul loss." Disassociation means we
send a part of our soul either out of our body or into our unconscious during the trauma. We do this
in order to protect ourselves. But many times the soul part does not come back and reintegrate.
Losing parts of our soul essence we lose spiritual power. This has a direct affect on our ability to manifest
creatively or to pursue our life purpose.

When we suffer soul loss we can feel a deep void within us--and we may experience emotions such
as anger, depression, anxiety, fear, or we may feel simply, "checked out," or "spaced out." Many people suffering from soul loss say they feel as if they are standing behind themselves-
peering through their eyes, or they feel they are "watching" a movie of their life, not really
experiencing it fully. Over time this can cause a deep sense of alienation, frustration, and anxiety.

This can become so painful that we start unhealthy behaviors in order not to feel. These behaviors
can become habitual or addiction--and can negatively affect us emotionally, physically,
mentally and spiritually.Soul Retrieval healing brings into consciousness the soul parts that
disassociated, so we can integrate our life essence, giving us the opportunity to make healthy
and creative changes and intend the life of our dreams. The successful resolution and integration
of a Soul Retrieval may bring changes, new life directions, a rebirth of our creative energies,
reconnection with self, good health, and well being.


• Flower Essence Therapy
brings Dialogue & Mending to the fragmented Soul
• Flower Essence Therapy augments the journey of the soul toward health and wholeness by bringing the fragmented parts of
the soul into dialogue with each other. Through awareness and self reflection we explore the distress, pain or loss we feel.
As we engage in honest self examination and identify our patterns, we reveal aspects of ourselves that hitherto may
have remained unconscious.

During this self-revealing, we can experience frustration, overwhelm, or anxiety. The use of flower essence can help the
struggling soul maintain equilibrium, while they adjust to the awareness, new ideas and dreams that arise. Flowers
are natures gifts to humanity. They compliment the etheric life forces, are inherently rejuvenating, and bring a subtle
support that strengthens our individual consciousness.

• Dream Work: how our Dreams Guide, Inform, Reveal
and point to Soul Integration, Right-Livelihood, and Health

• Ancient traditions know the importance of paying attention to dreams. We dream every night, so we can learn the
methods of working with the nightly dialogue our soul brings back to us from the starry realms. Dreams point to health and
relationship issues, sexual and addictive behaviors that may be out of balance, right livelihood directions, personal growth
possibilities and spiritual gifts.

Working with and following the story revealed through our dreams enhances our connection with spirit, strengthens
integrity, and show us where we are blocked or without boundaries. Dreams are the key to unconscious soul forces that
when brought to awareness creative action, can release us from patterns that limit and bind, birthing self reliance and self esteem.

• Creative Arts and Colour Therapy
enhances the Journey toward Healing

Since Soul Retrieval can release creative energy, it must be directed in positive, creative, life empowering ways.
Soul Retrieval Integration using the creative Arts and Color will anchor our healing into the body, while enhancing creativity as a way to process emotions, stories, and integration.

When we go into sacred space and create art, we are building a bridge to the spiritual realities and are in dialogue
with our deepest self. Creating a sacred art piece to hold the intention of our healing will call our dreams into manifestation.

~ Kristena West M.A. trained extensively with indigenous healers and learned the ancient techniques of soul retrieval and sacred art techniques. She has been a soul retrieval practitioner since 1994.

Soul retrieval is the beginning of the healing the soul toward well being in the physical, mental
and emotional realms.

~ In her private practice the men and women she worked with wanted to learn other techniques that they could use in conjunction with a soul retrieval healing. Kristena has incorporated the optimal healing modalities of dream work, flower essence and the artistic creative process as necessary adjuncts to the souls journey toward integration and healing.