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InnerLightArts Kristena West

The Christ on Good Friday the Scourging 24" x 30" Oil Painting


One of the ways to journey with Christ is to meditate on the sufferings of Jesus on Good Friday. Another way is to paint images from inner meditations to try to connect the heart with the energy of Good Friday.

Anyone who wishes to work with the countenance of the Christ will find it daunting in the extreme.

We have to ask such questions as, "Who is Christ?," "How can I deepen my understanding, my heart forces to understand Him in a universal capacity, beyond the stereotypes, beyond fundamentalism, into a grace filled presence of Love?"

Christ healed in the past and heals now. What is healing? Can we notice the presence of Christ within our being as the capacity of healing while making art? I find that every painting brings me closer in contemplation and understanding of his path for humanity.

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