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InnerLightArts Kristena West

Garden with Bird 18" x 36" Floral Oil Painting $1,250 •SOLD


The Garden is Blooming Painting; All Shall Be Well, All Manner of Thing Shall Be Well.

A joyous whimsical celebration of nature; everything is blooming. Positive Affirmation of life, and all things shall be well.

I loved painting this, it's a negative space painting. The entire canvas was filled with color, and positive words, then when it was dry I came in from the sides and filled in the negative spaces to create the flowers, blooming, budding life and bird. Enjoy Life! (comes without watermark logo)

Title comes from the quote of Saint Julian of Norwich (1373)

“In my folly, before this time I often wondered why, by the great foreseeing wisdom of God, the onset of sin was not prevented: for then, I thought, all should have been well. This impulse [of thought] was much to be avoided, but nevertheless I mourned and sorrowed because of it, without reason and discretion.

“But Jesus, who in this vision informed me of all that is needed by me, answered with these words and said: ‘It was necessary that there should be sin; but all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.'

“These words were said most tenderly, showing no manner of blame to me nor to any who shall be saved.”

In this she recognizes the compassion she had prayed for. She is impressed with her need to be joyful in all circumstances, however adverse, and for no particular reason, except this: that all things will ultimately be put right by Christ. She comes to such a sense of the awfulness of sin that she reckons the pains of hell are to be chosen in preference to it. Indeed, to one who recognizes the horror of sin, sin itself is hell. “And to me was shown no harder hell than sin. For a kind soul has no hell but sin.”


The garden is always a symbol of the soul, Christ was thought to be a "gardener" by Mary Magdalene. This painting is a joyous look at our inner landscape of a soul striving for the Beloved. All reaching for the Sun.


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