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InnerLightArts Kristena West

H'omage to Shaman Seers and Healers 18" x 24" Oil Painting & Collage


18" x 24" Oil Painting & Collage. Kristena West

Twenty years later, after working with indigenous shamans across the globe, this is my gratitude to my teachers. "Spirits Have I" is the first shamanic song taught to me. I grew up read Black Elk Speaks and so this Heyoka Seer is honored too. Being trained in sacred art-medicine making, this painting will call your soul back home to your indigenous roots.

Shamanic arts as a name is somewhat of a misnomer. Everything an indigenous person touched, made was filled with meaning and worked with the spirits of wood, plants animals, and with Creator Manitou. Everything was sacred.

It is only now, we have to say, art and shamanic arts, because much of the "arts" have lost the sacred ways of making.

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